Saturday, 25 January 2020

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26 Aug

How To Take Care Of Your Heart Health + High Blood Pressure Tips

(upbeat music) – For the past 90 days, I've been sharing with you tons of information on how you can keep your heart healthy including, obviously, a good nutrition full of fiber, healthy fats, minimally processed Obviously nutrition is so important and as a nutrition and wellness coach, it's something […]

25 Aug

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: What Would The Health Ranger Do?

Ty: So, let me ask you this Mike What would you do if you were diagnosed today with prostate cancer? What would be your protocol that you would– I'm not asking you to recommend this to anybody We don’t do that What would you do personally if your doctor said […]

25 Aug

Beating ED Caused by DIABETES without Medications | Health trends 2017 #EveryDayTips

Men's sexual passion with type 2 diabetes men with diabetes can pray some unique challenges such as low testosterone and sexual issues men develop diabetes slightly more often than women do according to the American Diabetes Association men with diabetes may also face specific issues related to sexual health here […]

25 Aug

Men’s Health – Penn State Health: Bladder and Prostate Cancer – Dave’s Journey

>> Welcome back A Lebanon County male was on vacation when he suddenly had blood in his urine Dave Bishop didn't know what was happening, be he knew he needed to see a doctor immediately Here's Dave's journey >> Dave Bishop and his wife Sue take advantage of this beautiful […]

25 Aug

Health | self directed exercise arthritis

An overlooked arthritis medicine…next Arthritis: Self-directed Exercise Program Shows Benefits Laird Harrison writing in Medscape Medical News reported a self-directed exercise program can improve the symptoms of arthritis, a new study shows After 12 weeks, participants in the First Step to Active Health program showed significant improvements in lower body […]

25 Aug

Healthy Cholesterol Levels Blood Pressure Heart Health

will make you plus is literally best you just look alike develop it has all the nutrients the cardiologists like myself would want for his patients this family and of course my newsletter subscribers here's what's in there coenzyme q10 coenzyme q10 is the most important cardiovascular and nutraceutical ever […]

24 Aug

How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally with these herbs – Health care home remedies tips

subscribe to our Channel and press the bell icon for the latest notifications how to lower blood pressure many adults around the world deal with hypertension also called high blood pressure there are ways to treat the condition including lifestyle changes or medications here are some herbs to lower blood […]

24 Aug

How to Control Blood Pressure | Tips by Dr. Farzeen | Juggun Kazim | Health

I hope that you are enjoying my videos And you are commenting on them, which I am really enjoying So please, remember to subscribe to my channel and of course, like and comment We are very lucky today, because today we have with us Dr Farzeen Malik, she's a doctor […]

24 Aug

Indian Health Service – Changing the Course of Diabetes in Indian Country

Dr Ann Bullock: Native Americans were among the first groups in this country to be hit by the diabetes epidemic that is currently now, in almost all populations, in this country In response to the diabetes epidemic in American Indian/Alaska Native communities, in 1997, Congress established the Special Diabetes Program […]

24 Aug

Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, And Your Health (Scary Stuff)

So thanks for coming I'm Dr Ekberg and I'm trained as a chiropractor but over the years we've learned to address the whole person if you want to get a person healthy you have to look at it holistically you have to address chemical structural and emotional and so today […]