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National Infertility Awareness Week – Our IVF Story

National Infertility Awareness Week – Our IVF Story
23 Aug

Hello everyone We've got a different little format for our video today I Wanted to do something different from our normal thing because this week, I'm sure you may not be aware but This week is National infertility Awareness Week, and as we've mentioned in the past We are one of the one in six couples to struggle with infertility And you may be thinking wait, but you have a beautiful baby boy He is beautiful, and yes we do But it was not an easy road to get to him and not one that came naturally either or cheap Or cheaply or fun Yeah, we didn't have gabriel of a fun one or painless Hey, we really earned that baby, you know that I think about it Because we're filming outside and we live in DFW and actually actually Close to the DFW Airport There's gonna be a lot of noise so It's a beautiful night, so people out Jacob is sitting in a broken chair, so if he fall through it at any point in this video don't be alarmed he's fine Every year there is a different theme for national infertility Awareness Week, and this year's theme is flip the script And Infertility is not talked about publicly very often

It's people think of it as a Shameful secret that they've got to bear and that's a shame because you shouldn't have to keep that a secret you're struggling And it we should all be comfortable enough to talk about it typically when it's talked about the couple really focuses on their own personal struggle and Everyone has their own struggle, and I'm not trying to diminish that by any means But the way that I want to embrace the theme this year of flipping the script is to focus less on our own story Which we are going to tell you about but to make a call to action to our viewers and our followers? about how they feel infertility and having children We've mentioned in previous videos that we had to do IVF in order to get Gabriel and IVF is not an easy cheap Fun process There's no making a baby the good old-fashioned way not for us so after several years of trying the old-fashioned way and Not being successful we decided to seek out health medical help and we ran a litany of tests on both of us and Pretty much We're convinced that it it was something to do with being was in a really high-stress job and I've always had irregular cycles, so pretty sure that I was the root cause of it and as Jacob will link above turns out it was because Jacob had a Who's got two thumbs and is infertile because of a genetic lung disease this guy? Which was really shocking so male factor infertility is pretty rare and often not widely talked about But mine's due to cystic fibrosis it's one of the side effects Without going into too many details about My private parts I was born with a vasectomy a naturally occurring the second actually occurring vasectomy It's so easiest way to explain it yeah So about two years ago He started I want IVF process New or we're told that that was the only way that we'd be able to have a child of our own Was that through the IVF process? And Not going into too great of detail IV aspirin three Speeds a lot of shots It's a whole lot of shots a lot of fertility drugs and hormones Basically to make the woman produce as many eggs as possible pink And then at a certain point you have a trigger where we release those sweet sweet sweet sweet sweets, which I had to do To give me a trigger not release the idea Long delivery but I did all the other shots to myself I was fine with that It wasn't an issue, but I couldn't get back so I'm glad that one side really pains me It was very specific you had to get in a very specific spot We watched a lot of YouTube videos to try to figure out where that was yeah They tell you you know here's a video you can watch that will show you how to do It's very specific so it's a little nerve-wracking because you're like it What if I miss you know I get shaky going in and stabbed in the wrong spot or something like pull it out stabbed again It has to be done at a really specific time before the retrieval the next day

It's a lot of pressure a lot of pressure and oddly enough You get the trigger shotgun you don't like the blood work to make sure that all of your levels or rather need to be excuse me and When we did my blood work I was not where ever needed to be insurance for that Could've meant that we had to scrap the whole thing and start over in which was not an option because it's so Experienced I started researching Insurance rates, so we ended up doing another trigger shot and praise the Lord at work Released all the eggs The doctor will go in and retrieve them so basically it's like you know a turkey baster is the easiest way to Describe attachment document extractor experience researcher retrieves all the eggs I don't remember quite how many I had 23 which is actually a really good number and The same time my weekly goals Jacobs retrieval I did not get to do that the fun way either We both had to be put under anesthesia Teacher first My urologist did his pores my procedure in the room right next to where the room where they did Sarah's procedure It was pretty quick He came out and Jacob is really funny under anesthesia if ever he gets in my little procedure done in the future we're definitely gonna record it because He was Chatty Cathy He's trying to Cathy now know I talk a lot right so I got to see him after his procedure, and then it was time for mine, and they rolled me in and Put me under Retrieved everything they had to do and then I came out And I just remember being a lot more pain than I thought I would be So after everything is retrieved that is when it is all swirled together again more really Scientific terms we got going yeah Swirl together and the embryos are created at that point you have to see How many of them mature right we're to a point that they're viable so of the 24mm because we had how many it went we had 12 and then it went down to 10 and then We ended up with six six final embryos after a 7 to 10-day period once the embryos have matured to the point where they're ready to be transferred then it's transferred a Transfer day is a lot easier than retrieval day You don't have to be put under You do have to lay flat for an hour like I thought that was an episode of Friends Meetup They make you sign all these papers right before saying what you're gonna do in all these different scenarios Well who gets control of what you know if should we divorce or sition wife passes away So you have to make these decisions like literally 30 minutes before the baby is put inside of you But we're sitting there we were not expecting to answer any of those questions So we're sitting in there and Sarah's mom is there and we're just kind of like She could take the cheek with Ya, who's ever ready to answer those questions not when you're having your baby made So we did the transfer Everything went relatively smoothly Actually funny story, I wasn't gonna go and do that because I don't want to get too details

I'm going into it funny story so I don't know I don't remember exactly what happened as long – Things weren't where they were supposed to be the new turkey baster The new turkey baster was not was not calibrated And there's a monitor so that you can you can actually watch the Emergency implant embryo being put in he's like he's at tears where these are gonna happen you start my sterling And I'm laying there, and there's a nurse right next to me with the sonogram wand showing them my stomach and Jacob is standing right next to that nurse Actually, she's across on the other side and now because I was kind of leaning over you and I'm looking at the monitor because I'm Thinking this is a really special moment most people don't get to see this It happens There's not a monitor so anyway So there is a special moment really important thing for me I really wanted to see it so the embryologist like the room where they do this the there's a lab next to it and the embryologist can come and go and then the fertility specialist that doctor is there and he's the one who does the actual transfer, so he's Goes in you know he's under there, and he's like where there's a problem And he reaches the toxin embryologist she goes back to the lab She comes back and the ultrasound tech tells me you know we have to hold on for a second And she says it very softly in my ear I didn't hear her say that so she's holding the wand to see her stomach and and I'm looking at the monitor, and I'm just I'm like okay, and he's about this close to my face in like a minute I go by 15 minutes 20 minutes What are you and I was like I was like a long time Just taking a really long time seriously what's going on, and I don't know if I was like so am I supposed to see something and The fertility specialist was like we're haven't done anything

We're not doing anything I'm waiting on the embryologist to come back it, so I've been staring at a monitor for 20 minutes And nothing's happening I'm literally just staring at what was like your uterus or something I'm just staring at it on the screen for for a solid 20 minutes It wasn't really 20 minutes, but it felt like time Yeah They are funny transfer story nothing Yeah in the fact that Sarah's mom was there Yeah my mom got to be there for the conception Call that Technically your mom's never not there for that

That's how so we transferred we went home You're supposed to rest the next couple of days We had purchased halle notes tickets Months months months previously and had planted this fun outing with our Family and so that was two days after transfer I was still in some pain a two-week recovery still I was still in a Decent amount of pain and lots of frozen bags of pee lots of peas made the rounds in the house But I went full costume I did not let my recovery get in the way of my enjoyment of the concert, it's All one full caustic picture here Picture to be inserted so he had a great time Everything was fine, and then we had a two-week wait Which is probably the longest two weeks of your life ever? And then you go in and you get blood work done, and that blood work is going to tell you if you're pregnant or not So when I didn't have the blood work done you have to wait for them to process it so you know so My parents were in town my parents were in town Also We called him on the phone and something we got the call from the clinic and She gave us the good news that my levels were where they were supposed to be Which are undone after that you have to go back in another couple days? And get blood work taken again to make sure that your levels are at this right point again So we did that and that was fine, and then you wait a couple more weeks And you get to go and have a sonogram and hear the heartbeat for the first time And then it after that they release you to your OBGYN, and you were pregnant Ready to go So all of that went really fine for us We're very very lucky and fortunate that our first attempt was successful That's not usually the case and we had a fresh transfer a lot of times they'll do a frozen transfer where they'll actually freeze the embryos and Then put them in that way which was what we're gonna have to do in the future but for frozen in babies what they're called Waiting for us so the next time we do this

We'll have to do a frozen transfer I don't believe we'll have to do all the shots Obviously not the retrieval because we've already gotten everything we need so it should not be as involved hopefully So that is our IVF story And now we're gonna flip the script, so I've told you we've told you our story I Want to challenge our viewers and our followers? To be more aware of how you talk about having children or Conception or anything like that because one in six couples struggle with infertility And it's not talked about very often so an offhand joking comment About how you know you wish you were single and you're unattached and had no children Or you just want to drink wine and not have to worry about your responsibilities if you say that in Mixed company there's probably a good chance that someone you're sharing that with Wants a child so desperately and can't have it and that comment is just really hurtful So that's my challenge to you is to think about those things think about those comments That are so easy to make and to brush off that you may not realize What it does to the person who's listening to it? It's a sensitive topic and there's not a lot of help for it and not a lot of Community around it and so I just want everyone to be aware of how we talk about those things and I'll say She do have children if you've been blessed to have kids And I say blessed because I think that it's true that every baby You can have is a blessing you know and and people are pretty like Unplanned pregnancy, I have now have a different view of because of How hard how much work the Headley and through ours was ours took a lot of work? and Like I when it breaks my heart when people complain, you know I know that it's a life-changing event And there's gonna be some degree of oh my gosh What are we gonna do but? Just you know keep in mind that there are people out there that would love to have That problem you know an unplanned pregnancy Would be awesome and so just remember that you're blessed and there are people that aren't as blessed so you know that I'm not trying to be preachy you know, but just When you think about complaining which like when I go the CF clinic and I have to spend an entire day there And I get four shots, and I have to be scanned and sitting it yeah Nobody likes to spend day at the hospital especially They're not sick, but when I go into the CF clinic I'm sitting in my exam room and I can hear Someone in the room next to me coughing up their lungs I Have you know it's very sobering and I remember I have no place to complain So just remember when you get ready to complain or When you're look we call Gabriel our little angel, baby So when when you're a little angel baby is driving you absolutely crazy There's a little devil, baby

Yeah remember to be thankful take a breath and Be thankful that you have that because a lot of people Would kill to have that pain yeah? Take it would kill to have that baby scream and a teething baby wake them up in the middle of the night And I guess I'd say that's what it's not it's never easy Getting up in the middle of the night or changing terrible diapers or anything like that But it's a little easier for Us because I think we appreciate it We were ready for it Yeah, we wanted it We welcomed the change we welcomed the the struggle so to speak we wanted the struggle we want it desperately wanted all the things that come with having a baby so There you go That's real infertility Awareness Awareness Week so now you're aware I Will link some Information down at the bottom if you found this video because you're struggling with infertility And you want to talk to us more we're happy to do that Honestly our life is an open book because we put it on the Internet all of it Our email is in the description below So thank you for watching, and we'll see you guys later


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