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Meet Georgia – Participant in Type 1 Diabetes trial

Meet Georgia – Participant in Type 1 Diabetes trial
24 Aug

Type 1 Diabetes is a serious disease that affects all ages, particularly children and it affects all aspects of their growth and development The diabetes has to be managed so it can be quite difficult and quite stressful for the child and the whole family

My reaction when Georgia was diagnosed with type 1 was a bit of shock, sadness a bit devastated really I remember one day being out for a walk on the beach and I realized I didn't have any glucose with me and it was like this panic of oh my gosh we need to get back to the car so it's like having a toddler in a way again I think the biggest challenge of living with diabetes is probably just having to do everything all the time Every time I want to eat I have to test myself and count my carbs and bolus and I think it's just remembering to do that because if you don't you'll go high and feel sick

Here are the Children's Diabetes Centre based at Telethon Kids Institute we've been running a trial of a cutting-edge new technology called hybrid closed-loop which is aimed to improve the lives of children and people with diabetes Basically, the system will control the blood sugars automatically it's a bit like an automatic car – without the system you have to check your own blood sugar levels, you have to think about it and you have to either take more insulin or take some food so it's something you'd have to spend every part of your day thinking about The object of the hybrid closed-loop is to take some of that away from the patient I've been involved in this trial since it started pretty much so three years ago Doing this study it definitely had its perks and was really good so it made my blood sugar's a lot more stable than they used to be

At night it was fantastic I thought am I ever going to know what a full night's sleep is like? and so getting back into the habit of that and knowing that she was okay and we're seeing that the graph looking like a perfect line throughout the night was a huge relief for me The preliminary findings are that the glucose levels are being controlled much better and that the person with diabetes is having to work a little less hard on their diabetes so the patients who are doing the trial like it They don't want to give it back after the trial I want to help try and find ways to make living with diabetes easier and that's why I've done a lot of trials including this one

We ultimately hope that this will be another step forward to making lives of people with diabetes a lot easier and getting better outcomes, better blood glucose levels fewer complications If you have uncontrolled diabetes you get blindness kidney disease in the long term One major outcome of this will be a reduced rate of those complications so that the children grow up they'll be healthy adults The other side of it is that it will be done in an easier way

Even from when I was diagnosed eight years ago it's changed so much, everything, and it's getting better and better each year It's good to see a lot of peace of mind as a parent I think to know that what's up there is going really make a big difference


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