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Estrogen Patch for Infertility | How did I confuse this?

Estrogen Patch for Infertility | How did I confuse this?
22 Aug

I had it mixed up about the patch it's meant to be on for 48 hours hi thanks for clicking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let's hang out a while if you are returning welcome back let's get those babies ladies good morning fertility fam it's Friday May oh I just looked I think it's May 26 I'll fix it and edit I think it's May 26 I forgot just that fast how are you happy Friday we made it we are headed into the Long Memorial Day weekend woohoo yeah thanks for clicking on simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here welcome and if you are returning welcome back what's upfertility fam? if you're new click that subscribe button let's hang out a while it's free to subscribe click on the bell and you'll know whenever I upload a new video and we can get to know each other leave me a comment down below if you're new to I like talking to people and seeing where they are on their journey so I am very well rested and I've made myself a shake I'm headed off to work I expect it to be a short day early release as they say for the kids in school I think we'll get out at 2:00 and then I'm gonna tool around the city a little bit with known donor and then head down to acupuncture oh no not acupuncture yoga at 5:30 which reminds me I did not put my yoga pants in my bag so I got to do that before I leave but yeah so it's just gonna be a chill day I forgot to mention so last night I talked about like the awkwardness of the times intercourse and then when I was getting ready to leave you know I always have these bracelets on the pearls that are on this side of my Apple watch are my five year anniversary gift from work my five year work anniversary and there are usually three when I went to leave I pulled on it too hard and they went flying across the room I felt like I was in center and they're on a twine because normally like if you you know if you have a pearl necklace there are little knots in between each pearl so that they don't do that if it breaks but these are on a twine so that they can move freely around the bracelets I'm gonna have to have that restrung but yeah that also added to the awkwardness of it I really felt like Cinderella and pumpkin you know was about to reappear and everything was over as I rushed home to get my other dress shot but I made it through and yeah I was just awkward but listen what do we say let's get those babies ladies yeah whatever it takes I'm down for it so awkwardness and all baby will see this one day and know that it was loved even before it was conceived so yeah alright let me go find my yoga pants put my shoes on and head out into the world I hope you know Friday is going wrong and and you know what your Memorial Day plans are it will already have passed by the time you see this but well you did something fun I am now having an IUI on Saturday I was gonna do that I thought I was meant to do it today but you know what they say about fertility treatments don't make plans yeah you know what you're up to hi there I'm on the subway now I almost forgot so I had it mixed up about the patch it's meant to be on for 48 hours and you put it on the other side but you put a new one on on the other side so you do left side one day 48 hours later then you do the right side so I set an alarm on my phone from noon because that's when I put it on on Wednesday was that noon and I just put a little reminder that says patch it up so yeah I just wanted to clarify that it's not the same patch that you put on the other side it is 48 hours so yeah that was another thing last night he was like what's that thing on your belly and I was like it's the estrogen patch he was like why do you still have to have it on it's your lining is fine I'm like listen this is what the doctor said awkward alright talk to you guys later so I am headed somewhere on the Upper West just before yoga and I forgot I set my alarm for the patch when I set it for the wrong time babe will you Thanks yeah I said it for 12 am

and I needed to put it on a pm but luckily I had lunch with Lele and she was asking me like what's going on and thank you and I was like yeah I love and I was like oh shit so love that girl She kept me on point and yeah now we're gonna have one more margarita (thank you) and then off to yoga Hey ladies so I'm headed back uptown I opted to not go to yoga cuz I'm just like tired and I wanna rest and I'm gonna be there like 7:15 in the morning but I didn't want to sign off thank you guys for hanging out dude and yeah I'll talk to you later let me know down below what you did or you're doing for the long weekend Alright ladies baby dust to you all (music) I see the crystal raindrops and the beauty


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