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6 Oils for Treating Arthritis

6 Oils for Treating Arthritis
21 Aug

6 Oils for Treating Arthritis Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, there are some oils you can use for fighting arthritis Plus, you can get many other health benefits at the same time!

Arthritis pain is one of the greatest pains someone can experience This disease causes the inflammation of your joints, the points where two bones meet Arthritis appears as a result of the cartilage wearing away Treating it includes using medications These can have toxic side-effects for the mucosa in your stomach

This means that healing one pain causes another However, you dont need to live with choosing between arthritis or stomach pain Try the following natural oils 1, Chamomile oil Chamomile offers a large number of benefits

Among them, these stick out: It has hypoallergenic properties As a result, it’s recommended for patients with rhinitis or hay fever It encourages healing It also reduces the possibility of forming keloids

Its a skin moisturizer It has anti-inflammatory effects Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile oil is perfect for relieving: Muscle pain Spasms

Lumbago Headaches Pain caused by PMS Pain caused by arthritis The best way to get the benefits from this oil is to apply it on the affected area with a massage

Do this until it is completely absorbed 2, Rosemary oil Rosemary is an aromatic herb It belongs to the mint family and comes from the Mediterranean region This plant has been used as an ingredient in many recipes

However, its also the foundation for one of the most used oils in aroma therapy For many years, its therapeutic properties have stood out It is currently used for: Controlling problems associated with Alzheimers Increasing your mental sharpness, concentration, and memory

Strengthening your immune system Relieving headaches and muscle pains like the ones that are caused by arthritis To get the benefits of rosemary oil, you only need to massage the affected area with this oil 3, Ginger oil for treating arthritis pain Ginger oil has a different taste

Its similar to the taste you get from pepper Eating it helps to relieve inflammation Because of this, its recommended that you use a little ginger in your everyday life However, we know that not everyone likes the taste of this root If youre one of these people, we recommend you use a little ginger oil for treating your arthritis pain

This extract acts as a substitute for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 4, Marjoram oil Marjoram oil has the ability to reduce pain caused by several diseases These include colds, fever, inflammation, soreness or thigh pain, among others Its antispasmodic properties cause it to stand out, too

Its useful for healing muscle spasms and even helps to heal convulsions Marjoram oil is also an antiseptic that you can use to disinfect wounds and decrease healing time To get the benefits form marjoram oil, put a little on the area thats affected by arthritis pain Make sure that the oil is at room temperature Or, heat it up a little so that its pleasant to the touch

5, Mint oil Mint oil comes from mint leaves People usually use it as a home remedy for stomach pains, muscle pain, and headaches Mint has analgesic, stimulating, tonic, antispasmodic, mucous reducing, and anti-inflammatory properties This essential oil has several minerals

These include manganese, iron, magnesium, and calcium It also has omega 3 and vitamins 6,Turmeric oil How much turmeric do you eat? This ingredient doesnt just add a special touch you your dishes It also gives you incredible benefits

Theres something you can do if you dont like its flavor, but youre having problems with inflammation We recommend that you get a little turmeric oil to get its benefits To increase its effects, you can combine it with any of the oils weve talked about above Youll see the pain disappear in a few minutes This makes life more bearable

How should you use these oils? You can use these oils by themselves or you can mix them together If you mix them, you can increase their effects However, its important that you dont always put the oils directly on your skin Instead, you should dilute them in a carrier oil

Carrier oils include olive, jojoba, or almond These help to avoid getting irritated skin These can be applied 3 different ways: Directly to the painful area with circular massages With a cold compress for 10 to 15 minutes on the affected area

With a hot compress as warm as you can comfortably apply You should apply this to the affected area for a maximum of 20 minutes


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